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We started out in Minneapolis. We love the mini-apple. What we aren’t so keen on there? The winter weather. It’s so cold that Minnesotans have put pedestrian tunnels between buildings. You don’t want to run outside in Minneapolis. Sometimes, the coach had us running on treadmills by November. That’s where it all began. In addition, our treadmill reviews contain honest advice from one trainee to another.

If a track doesn’t work for intense training, we’ll tell you. If a treadmill costs too much. Then we’ll tell you that too. Want to find a winner right away? Check out our Best Buy Picks. As well as providing objective treadmill reviews, we frequently post expert articles about treadmill workouts, maintenance, and also other related topics in our article section and also our blog.



We have a great team. Every team member is hardworking and passionate. So, you will not have a bad experience over here. Every member is dedicated and also hard working. Below is a brief intro of main editor. 

Waqar Haider


From construction foreman to the automotive technician, and also journalist to senior editor, it’s safe to say that Justin’s career has been a diverse one. Moreover, this journey has granted him a discerning eye for quality in product construction and engineering, as well as market positioning. Justin fuses his technical know-how with a personal love of fitness to bring the TreadmillReviews.net community a thoughtful curation of objective treadmill reviews.

Whether it’s deciphering which treadmill is best for your training preference or debating the value of the latest trend sweeping the treadmill world, you can rest assured that our insightful reviews will help you make the right purchase decision for the long term.

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