Gold Gym Treadmill-Reviews & Best Alternatives

Gold Gym Treadmill-Reviews & Best Alternatives

If you are looking for an advanced treadmill under $600, you will have it with the gold gym treadmill. Most of them are primarily sold through major discount retailers like Amazon. ICON is the manufacturer of this treadmill series, and it will serve you with world-class fitness services. ICON also produces some of the other lines like ProForm, and NordicTrack.

Gold Gym Treadmill

There are some reasons that we will urge you to get gold gym treadmills, while we have also checked some flaws in it. Here we are having a comprehensive guide that will help you to narrow your choice while considering your priorities. 

Best Sides Of The Gold Gym Treadmill

·         Price 

What can be better than the affordable price for getting a reliable treadmill? Gold gym entry-level treadmills are generally cost less than what you are getting on the retailer’s platform. 

·         Exercise 

All the gold gym treadmills come with resistance training to train the upper body. While preparing their upper body arms walkers can still burn about 50% of their calories. 

·         Tracks 

The lower-end treadmills have short tread belts while providing the room for running about 60’’ x 19’’ it makes this treadmill a perfect pick for the 5’7’’ or more people. The tracks are also designed to absorb impact with Step Tech cushion technology. 

·         Motors 

The brands that have a robust motor around 2.5 HP could quickly meet or beat the expensive brands. The engine can be best for joggers and walkers, but certainly not fit for serious runners. 

The Downside of Gold Gym Treadmill

·         Noise and Instability

Some customers have reported the treadmills are making noise and are shaky than is expected. 

·         Warranties 

Although the brand seems like the ICON’s other machinery but has low warranties, for example, the frame of Gold’s gym 450 treadmill is only durable for 90 days. 

·         Customer’s Service of Gold Gym Treadmill

If you are buying the treadmill, then there is no free home delivery with the treadmill. Customers who are buying under the platform of the retailers can get it with delivery service. Customers have rated the gold gym treadmill effective over but have complained about low customer service. 

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Top Gold Gym Treadmill

Here we have mentioned the top treadmills of Golden gym treadmills.

S. No Product name Review
1. Gold’s gym trainer 410 treadmill   3
2. Gold’s Gym Trainer 720 Treadmill    4.3

1.      Gold Gym Trainer 410 Treadmill

It is a famous model under $600, but with the budget-friendly options, it has some flaws and advantages. 

Gold Gym Treadmill


  1. The treadmill is equipped with a 2.0 HP G-force motor that gives the users the incline ability of up to 10%. Moreover, the model can go up to 10 mph with both incline and speed changes option. 
  2. With quick select keys on the console, which is 18’’ wide and 50’’ long, the Air stride Plus is included for joint stability and support. 
  3. The built-in LED lift indicator will flash when it is time to pick those weights that provide you with eight built-in workout applications. While using Grip Power Pulse ™, you can monitor your heart rate. Along with that, you can watch the speed, incline, distance, and time. 
  4. Furthermore, the model can withstand up to 300 pounds, and the frame features the patented space saver technology. 
  5. Another essential feature like holder and reading rack is also an integral part of this treadmill. 
  6. The treadmill offers over five years on the motor and frame and labor and parts. It is for 90 days. 

Folding Frame Design 

What can be better than the space saver model design with style? Just in one step fold this treadmill, and it will not require that much space until you are ready to workout again—also, a compact geometry that is easy to store in smaller areas. 


There is no single option in the market that can beat the treadmill’s price tag, while you can compromise on some of the features if you are on a budget. Most of the novice prefer the affordable option that can be a better starter option. 


The treadmill will also arrive with the 2 pounds weights which makes this treadmill a standout option. You can also use the treadmill as a part of their workout programs while using the LED lift indicator, which will be flashed when it is time to lift them. It will add to your calories burn and will also work on the upper body muscle. 


  • Durability 
  • LED 
  • Exciting workout programs 
  • In-built 2 pounds weights
  • Affordable 


  • Smaller running area 
  • Cheap quality parts 
  • Warranty 

Why Must You Get This Gold Gym Treadmill?

If someone out there is a beginner and want to try the best treadmill, which is affordable, it is an excellent option. The brand is precisely known for its durability, and it will be available as a cost-effective option. The folding frame has made this treadmill an ideal pick for in-home use, but the person needs to keep in mind that there are some flaws with this treadmill. 

2.      Gold Gym Trainer 720 Treadmill 

It is a compact, entry-level, and folding treadmill that is globally renowned for its affordability. If you are short on money, then you cannot find a better option than this. You can lead an ideal lifestyle with the treadmill that is hard to find in the market. Here are some things that make this treadmill stand out from its competitors. 

Gold Gym Treadmill

Top Features Of This Gold Gym Treadmill

  1. The model is designed with a running area of 20’’ x 55’’ and has a folding design with space saver technology.
  2. The drive system has G-force 2 motor, that can reach up to the 10MPH
  3. The AirStride Plus cushioning system is also the perfect addition that makes this treadmill a standout option after reducing the size the treadmill will assure you a smoother ride. 
  4. In this model, you can choose the ten levels of resistance. 
  5. You can also get the incline and speed change option to get with the Quick Select keys on the console for efficient and fast shifts in the middle of your workout. 
  6. The blue-tinted minimalistic console will include the LED display, which is not backlit. 
  7. Monitor your heart rate with the Power Pulse rate monitors, which is the perfect option that can give you the result with the grip of your hand. 
  8. You can choose the 18 built-in workout program, and you can also get the smartphone compatible port to play your favorite music.
  9. For more convenience you can also get a CoolAire workout fan and two large cup holders.
  10. You can get the lifetime warranty on the frame, with one-year coverage on labor and parts and 25 years coverage on the motor. 

Folding Design 

A gym treadmill is a perfect folding machine, which features the Space saver design that fold up vertically. It is a best option for anyone who is planning to workout in confined spaces. 


You can get the OK price under $1000. It makes this model budget-friendly. It is the starter model for the beginner. Therefore, you can get a quality price tag. 

Deck cushioning 

The model is the perfect pick with the Air Stride™ system of cushioning that keeps the deck rigid, and the support system prevents injury and adds comfort. 


It is also the perfect feature: the lifetime coverage on the frame with 25 years on the motor, which is not that bad while considering the price point. 


  • Amazing warranty
  • Space-saving option 
  • Safe that prevents injury 
  • Amazing workout programs 
  • Affordable 


  • The running area is not very spacious. 
  • Noisy 

Why must you get this product?

This gold gym treadmill is not terrible, which makes it the perfect pick for beginners. It is the overall quality that keeps us whole heartily recommending this treadmill. However, we will not recommend you get this product if you are the taller person. 

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The best alternative of Gold gym treadmill

If you don’t feel like buying the golden gym treadmills, don’t worry. Here are the best alternatives to the golden gym treadmill. 

S. No Product name Ratings
1 Goplus Electric Folding Treadmill   4.2
2 Merax Folding Electric Motorized Running Treadmill   4.2

1.      Goplus Electric Folding Treadmill As An Alternate Of Gold Gym Treadmill

If you are looking for a treadmill with a big running belt and great chic shape, there is no better option than this treadmill. With the fashionable design, you can get a relaxed running experience and achieve your fitness goals. The unique features and specifications have made this treadmill an ideal pick. 

alternate images

Top Features 

  1. Easy to fold and will not require much space. 
  2. Four transportable wheels
  3. Advance LED and data monitoring feature.
  4. Standard speed range of 0.6-7.5MPH
  5. Stable and large treadmill 
  6. Super wide running treadmill belt which is 17 inches long 
  7. It improved the iron frame with a weight capacity of 265 lbs.
  8. UL plug and wire ensure no hazards while you are working out.

Heart Rate Handrails 

You can monitor the heart rate while placing your hands on the handrails, and the safety keys will stop the treadmill at the time of the accident. 

Shock-absorbing And Non-slip Running Belt 

With the 5-layers non-slip and the utmost shock-absorbing running belt, you can get adequate cushioning for your back, knees, ankles and muscles. 

Bluetooth Speaker And MP# line 

You can connect your mobile phone to the built-in Bluetooth connectivity while listening to the music to get your exercise session. 


  • Safe option 
  • Space saver design 
  • Reliable customer’s service
  • Easily transportable 
  • Affordable 


  • Bigger than expected

Why must you get this product?

If you find the best alternative to the Golden gym treadmill, then there is no better option than this one, because of the fantastic features. 

2.      Merax Folding Electric Motorized Running Treadmill

You can enjoy the dynamic performance with this treadmill. The sleek, designed treadmill will easily fit into your house wherever it is needed. You can get several expensive features that make this alternative a perfect fit for you.

alternate image

Top Features 

  1. Bluetooth connectivity will allow you to connect and track your data through the Fit show app
  2. Adjustable phone holder 
  3. 15 preset programs 
  4. Three manual incline option 
  5. Hydraulic folding system 
  6. Easy relocation with transportable wheel

Power motor Of this Gold Gym Treadmill

You can enjoy the productive workout with its smart jogging, walking, and running in the comfort of your home. The robust engine can go up to the 0.5 to 10MPH speed range. 

Device Deck 

Enjoy the best working out experience with the integrated device deck with almost all the smartphones. 

Foldable Design of Gold Gym Treadmill

What can be more memorable than the compact folding design that has made this option an ideal pick for your home use? With the transportable wheels, you can quickly relocate them after working out, and there is no hassle for storage. 


  • Easy relocation 
  • Storage option 
  • Advanced workout programs 
  • Smart device deck


  • Poor incline 

Why Must You Get This Gold Gym Treadmill?

The prime reason to get this product is its expensive features with an affordable option. The specification makes this option a perfect alternative to the Golden gym treadmills. 

Our Verdict About Gold Gym Treadmill

Overall, Gold’s gym treadmills are a decent investment for the light runners and walkers with a tight budget. On the other hand, studier treadmills with the same price are stepping into the market. Therefore, it is a wise decision to think before buying the treadmill. For those who are targeting the extended warranties then it is not the perfect pick for them. Otherwise, for the money-savers, it is the ideal pick.