Nordictrack Space Saver Treadmill Reviews and buyer’s Guide

Nordictrack Space Saver Treadmill Reviews and buyer’s Guide

Nordictrack Space Saver Treadmill is more than a treadmill. NordicTrack brand was established in Minnesota. It was originally meant for an inside training because the temperature over there is high. Now, this brand is known worldwide. There are a number of reasons behind it. Firstly, it is a quality treadmill brand. Secondly, there are hundreds of treadmills launched till now.

In this article, we will tell you about Nordictrack Space Saver Treadmill. Moreover its importance. If you want to buy a treadmill for small spaces, you must read this article.

Nordictrack Space Saver Treadmill

NordicTrack comes with different series. It includes traditional treadmills as well the incline trainer treadmills too. These treadmills range in price. Moreover, every treadmill is unique and different from the other. So if you are trying to buy something extremely great. Then its your turn now.

From looking a heavy treadmill from NordicTrack, to searching for a light weight treadmill. You will find everything under this brand. Most of the models of Nordictrack Space Saver Treadmills are having touch screens. Moreover, they also support the iFit coach app too.

iFit Coach app is for those who want to do workouts under professionals. You will have interactive workouts and hundreds of options. Moreover, you will have customized training options with this app too.

There is also a proper check on your health status and fitness levels using this incredible app. Now, we will tell you about the most amazing products by Nordic Track that will save your space and will fit your budget too.

Nordictrack Space Saver Traditional Treadmill

If you are looking for a product in 2021 that will save your space. Then do not forget the NordicTrack traditional series. It has the greatest specs that you are looking for a product to buy. If you want to buy a treadmill that will be perfect for you and will help you achieve the fitness goals. Then these treadmills are just for you.

You will have several different features if you are going for a traditional commercial series of Nordictrack Space Saver Treadmill:

  1. The running area or the footsteps area is great.
  2. The cushioning system will be advanced and great.
  3. Moreover, you will have a treadmill with sturdy construction and a heavy framework.
  4. The operation of the machine will also be smooth and quiet,
  5. You will have various options in functions and incline levels.

Below is the table for perfect Nordictrack Space Saver Treadmill:

1NordicTrack T Series Treadmill10% OFF
2NordicTrack Spacesaver SE7i Elliptical Trainers5% OFF
3NordicTrack NTEL71218 Commercial6% OFF

These treadmills are just amazing and space saving too.

1. NordicTrack T Series TreadmillNordictrack Space Saver Treadmill

Although it is heavy in size and looks too big. But it is the perfect treadmill for your house. Read the details below:

Nordictrack Space Saver Treadmill


This unique and great treadmill comes in black color. The dimensions of this treadmill are 73 x 35.8 x 67.5. Moreover, it can bear up to 300 pounds weight of the user. It has a power supply that is corded electric. You will have a maximum incline of 10 percent using this treadmill. In addition, the maximum speed is 10 miles per hour that you will get with this treadmill. The item we are discussing has a display size of LCD of 5 inches. But it has three other variations in the market too.


  1. You will have 1600+ workout programs.
  2. Moreover, you will have an access with google maps.
  3. In addition, you will have membership perks.


  1. This treadmill is no doubt great. But still it is expensive.

2. NordicTrack Spacesaver SE7i Elliptical TrainersNordictrack Space Saver Treadmill

If you do not want the big sturdy treadmill. Then NordicTrack electric trainers are the second best option for you. Now, we will discuss why they are perfect and why you should choose them.

Nordictrack Space Saver Treadmill


Now, talking about this incredible treadmill. We will tell you why it is best. Firstly, it is one of the best space saving treadmills. Secondly, it have unique features that most of the elliptical trainers lack.

The best thing is it uses the magnetic resistance mechanism. Moreover, it is made up of steel material. In addition, its dimensions are 80 x 32 x 67. The best part is that it comes with a lifetime body and frame warranty. With this treadmill, you will have 30 days iFit membership. In addition, it has five inches backlit LCD display screen. You can fold this treadmill too. Moreover, it can bear up to 350 pounds of the user weight. Also, there are 22 resistance levels on this treadmill. So, choosing it is a wise choice.


  1. It is perfect for hard training.
  2. You can easily move it.


  1. It is very expensive.

3. NordicTrack NTEL71218 Commercial

If you want to do workout while standing on an elliptical treadmill. Then what are you waiting for. You must buy this treadmill.


Talking about this treadmill, we have a lot to tell you. First of all, it has an incredible design no doubt. Secondly, you will have great experience using iFit. You will have an amazing membership for 1 year on iFit. This membership will be of 5 members.

This treadmill has a seven inches great touch screen. Moreover, it has great auto breeze fans. These fans will give you a pleasant environment when yiu will do the workout. In addition, it can bear up to 350 pounds of the user weight.


  1. You can easily move it.
  2. Perfect for hard workouts.


  1. Although it has great features. But the price is too high.

Nordictrack Incline Space Saver Treadmill

If you want to burn the maximum calories. Then you must buy an incline treadmill. There are a lot of incline treadmills in the market. But you must have to choose one out of all. Burning fat and losing weight is the dream of every third person who is overweight. The best treadmill that can help you is NordicTrack Incline Trainers.

Nordictrack Space Saver Treadmill

Features Of These Treadmill

You will have great features if you will buy these treadmill. The best thing is steep incline. Moreover the decline is up to -6%. There are several other things too:

  1. It has continuous-duty horsepower ratings. It ranges from 3.75 hp to 4.25 hp.
  2. Moreover, there are interactive training sessions of iFit Coach. There are 50 pre-program workouts.
  3. In addition, you can plot out your cardio workouts by using iFit Google maps. You can search for different trainers that are in the world and select the best one for you,
  4. You can check your heart rate wireless via the iFit Bluetooth heart rate monitor.
  5. There is a great 10 years warranty on the frame. Moreover, a 2-year warranty will be on parts and you will have one year warranty on labor.
  6. Moreover, the screen is of high quality having an HD display. The console is great.

Alternatives of Nordictrack Space Saver Treadmill:

You will not find this series on amazon. So, you can go for the alternatives such as Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill and Sunny Health & Fitness 7700.

1. Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill

It is one of the amazing alternatives with a material of steel. Moreover, its dimensions are 84.6 x 36.3 x 55.2 inches. In addition, it can bear up to 309 pounds that is perfect for you.

2. Sunny Health & Fitness 7700

With the aluminum body and frame. It is the perfect treadmill. Moreover, it will save your space too. Its dimensions are 56 x 30.5 x 56.5 inches. But it is portable and easy to move.

Nordictrack Space Saver Desk Treadmills

If you are looking for a treadmill that you can use and get more active. Then its your time. Nordictrack Space Saver Desk Treadmills are best treadmills so far. You will have what you want with this great series.

These series by NordicTrack are great and will save a lot of space of yours. You will have the best built-in features. Moreover, you can easily connect with iFit using this treadmill. And with this feature, you will be able to monitor your health and work progress. With this incredible treadmill, you can personalize your workouts and can do perfect training. Moreover, there are built-in google maps features to get personal training with experts. Moreover, you will have an amazing workday. You can do your work and do exercise at the same time.

This treadmill is unavailable on amazon. So, we will look for the best alternate. The best alternate so far is RUNOW Folding Treadmill for Home.

RUNOW Folding Treadmill for HomeAlternate of Nordictrack Space Saver Treadmill


So, choosing this treadmill will give you a number of great options. We liked this product and we know that you will choose it also. This treadmill is black in color and its dimensions are 60.4 x 26.6 x 56.8. It means that you will have a bigger running area. The track is no doubt long and high than ordinary treadmills. When talking about its speed, it ranges from  0.6-8.1 MPH. And this is the same as NordicTrack Desk Treadmill.

It has a great shock absorbent belt with seven layers and great cushioning technology. Moreover, you will have a smooth belt so you will run comfortably on it. Moreover, there are 3 manual incline levels of this great treadmill. It can bear up to 220 lbs weight. In addition, you will easily be able to track speed, distance, time, calorie burn etc through this treadmill.

It is the best treadmill so far. And the features say it all. It has a great space-saving design. So, you can easily fold it and place it anywhere you want to. In addition, it has 36 training modes. So, if you are a beginner, it is a great treadmill for you. The motor of this treadmill is of 2.25 hp. Moreover, it is easy to assemble and install too. You will have great customer support using this treadmill. So, if you are looking for an alternate, you must go for it and you won’t regret choosing it.

Our Verdict About Nordictrack Space Saver Treadmill:

NordicTrack is the king of treadmills. With giving a wide range of treadmills, it also ensures that the products are of quality. According to us, you must go for NordicTrack treadmills if you want to do workouts. In this article, we reviewed about the best treadmills by nordic track and also the best alternatives. But there are many other products that you can check.

NordicTrack is having great reputation in the market for selling the best treadmills so far. Each product is having a unique and different feature from other. Also, you will have several options too. Our experts highly recommend these products because they are best. Talking about T series, incline treadmills or desk treadmills, every treadmill has its own specification.

But if you are unable to search for NordicTrack products, then you must go to the alternatives that we provided. We hope that you will like them too. They have almost the same features that are in NordicTrack and they have the best reviews too.

If you have any confusion, you may contact us.

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