XTERRA SB550 Recumbent Bike – Reviews

XTERRA SB550 Recumbent Bike – Reviews

XTERRA SB550 Recumbent Bike

If you want to be healthy and fit. Then treadmills are best for you. You will be healthy active and smart using it. XTERRA SB550 Recumbent Bike is perfect for all fitness lovers.

XTERRA SB550 Recumbent Bike

XTERRA SB550 Recumbent Bike

If you are looking for XTERRA SB550 Recumbent Bike. Then you must read it. This is the best review blog you will ever see. If you want to be healthy then buying this bike is the best choice and option that you can make.

Suppose you are having body problems and having pain in the upper or lower body or if you are having leg problems. Then is the best bike you will buy. The XTERRA SB550 Recumbent Bike is one of the best products from brand Recumbent. This brand always gives quality products. Moreover, this brand is of having the same quality as Schwinn.

The cycling bike by recumbent will burn your extra calories and will also tone your muscles. The recumbent bikes are best to choose if you cannot stand on the treadmill for a long time. Or if you are unable to do hard workouts. The exercising bikes are best if you want to sit and do hard workouts and relax the legs. Suppose you are having pain in your legs etc. And suppose if you are an elderly person. Then this treadmill bike is best for you.

Why you should choose Recumbent Bike?

Recumbent bikes are not only best for the elderly but it is also perfect for all the people of the family. You can use it at home or the office. Moreover, the treadmill bike is best for both males and females. There are no age restrictions using recumbent bikes. And no matter if you are a professional or a beginner. Then the recumbent bike is best for you.

Some of us go cycling. But going outside to do cycling or exercise is not the best option nowadays. This is because the environment is polluted most of the time and now there are pandemic outbreaks. So, if you want to stay home and reach the fitness goals. Then the treadmill bike is perfect for you.

If you want to have an athletic body. Then buying a recumbent bike is best. Recumbent bikes are best if you want to do office work while doing the exercise. There are hybrid bikes, elliptical bikes, etc. So, burn the maximum calories using the recumbent bike.

XTERRA SB550 Recumbent Bike

If you want something amazing and perfect. Then buying XTERRA SB550 Recumbent Bike is best and perfect for you. It comes with great qualities and is also perfect for you.

XTERRA SB550 Recumbent Bike is the best bike for you and you can buy it on Amazon easily. Most of the users like it because of its quality. Although it is costly. But many people have purchased too. It has 5-star ratings on amazon.

It comes with amazing features and also magnetic resistance. Below are the features and characteristics of this bike. We hope you will like them and will definitely make a purchase. Read the below sections carefully and then choose the XTERRA SB550 Recumbent Bike.


Firstly, talking about its structure. It has a great quality built and structure. There is a 3 piece crank system. The crank system gives a heavy-duty performance. The frame design is solid. This treadmill bike is best for heavy workouts because it has a solid walkthrough frame. As a result, it is one of the most solid structured treadmill bikes that you will ever see.

Suppose you are obese or overweight. And you want a perfect treadmill. So, buying this treadmill bike is a perfect option. This is because it can bear up to 300 lbs weight of the user. And users can do hard workouts because of the quality built and frame.

When you will go and see the market, you will notice that treadmills having solid structures are heavy and are difficult to move. But when you will come across this unique bike, you will be amazed seeing that it is not that heavy in weight and it is easy to move. It only weighs 128 pounds that is significantly perfect for any treadmill.


When we talk about treadmills, we must know about the different parts too. In exercise bikes, the seats are important to check. This bike series is best as you will be provided with the most comfortable seats.

You will have great quality seats with XTERRA SB550 Recumbent Bike. Moreover, these seats are also large and of high resiliency. So, you can do heavy workouts sitting on them. Not only this but the foam is also of quality and is durable too. There is a quality seat pad which is an exception. This seat pad is great if you want to sit and do a workout on the bike for hours.

Sometimes, when we are doing a workout, our back gets hurt and tired. To sort out this problem, these series come with a great solution. You will have a mesh bracket too. As a result, you can lean your back and do the workout that you want.

The seat and the backrest are engineered in such a way that they take your maximum weight. As a result, there is less pressure on the legs and your weight is divided equally. This bike as a result is perfect for the elderly.

Resistance Levels Of XTERRA SB550 Recumbent Bike

Resistance levels in any bike are important if you want to do a high-intensity workout. Almost all treadmill bikes have resistance levels in them. And these bike series come with incredible resistance levels.

You can do high-intensity workouts using this treadmill bike without getting worried about how can you manage. If you want to feel like you are climbing the hill. Then choosing a high-intensity level can help you do this. It is one of the best bikes no doubt.

The resistance level that this treadmill bike offers is magnetic resistance. Moreover, due to magnetic resistance, you will have an extremely frictionless workout. Not only this but along with the magnetic resistance levels, you will have also the 20 levels of resistance that are already programmed. You can choose any resistance level depending upon your cycling experience.


The flywheel is a very important thing when it comes to exercise bikes. The flywheels are on all bikes. Suppose you want to buy an exercise bike, then checking for the flywheel is also essential. Flywheels play an important role because if you want to do high-intensity workouts then you must check whether the flywheel is able to withstand or not.

The weight of the flywheel matters a lot. The heavier the flywheel is, the more intense workout you can do.

This bike series is no doubt one of the best bike series. XTERRA SB550 recumbent exercise bike comes with the best quality features. The best feature it has is its 22-pound flywheel. When you will look into similar bikes, you will notice that flywheel is rather heavy. And this thing is its specialty.

Many recumbent bikes do not come with heavy flywheels so they are not best for hard workouts and professional training. But when you will come across this series, it is highly recommended for heavy and also professional workouts. So, choosing this is a wise option.


If you want to do a heavy workout on a treadmill bike. Then you must also check for the pedals. The best exercise machine has pedals that can give you a perfect workout experience. If you want a bike with great pedals. Then this product is one of the best things you will check. The pedals are large in size and also well cushioned too.

You will also have adjustable straps with the pedals so you can change them exactly like the size of your feet. So what else do you want. Not only adjustable straps are they are also non-slip. Your feet won’t slip when you are pedaling. As a result, it is the safest treadmill that you can go for.



The console is one of the most important parts of the bike. You will also have a console with this bike. You will have a large console with LCD blue backlit display. Due to the backlit feature, you will easily see the readings on the display. As a result, you will have a more realistic experience.

You can have a more realistic experience using this because of these bikes. You can check many things using this treadmill. You can check the distance covered, time, speed, heart, and pulse rate, power, revolutions per minute. Moreover, you can also check the profile and make your own user profile using it.

Not only these functions, but this console has also some other special things in it. There are pre-programmed workout plans and also 11 motivational programs. You will also have 7 pre-set programs and 2 heart rate control programs.

You will also have a heart rate sensor on handrails. So you can easily calculate the pulse rate. It is displayed on the screen when you are doing the workout.

Product features

  • It has a great Blue backlit LCD monitor. Through this monitor, you can easily control the treadmill. And you will also read the workout progress.
  • Moreover, it has 20 different levels of resistance. As a result, you can do various workouts.
  • There are 11 motivational workout programs. And you can operate them from the console.
  • It also has a foam padded comfortable seat. There is also a meshed backrest behind so you can do a comfortable workout.
  • There is also a Book holder and a water bottle holder. You will also get a speaker, also an MP3 player and many other faetures.

Specifications of XTERRA SB550 Recumbent Bike

  1. The brand name is XTERRA.
  2. The name of the model is  SB550.
  3. Its weight is  128.3 pounds.
  4. The dimensions are 54.8 inches x 27.7 inches x 47.1 inches.
  5. The max user weight it can bear is 300 lbs.
  6. The weight of the flywheel is 22 pounds.
  7. You will have Magnetic resistance.
  8. The seat is padded.
  9. The pedals are strapped and also large.
  10. There is no toa cage.
  11. The monitor is  LCD blue backlit, which is having a 6.5’’ display.
  12. You can measure  Time, calories, RPM, heart pulse rate, distance, watts, profile, etc.
  13. There are also transport wheels, bottles holder, and also reading holders.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ques: What is the user weight limit on this bike?

Ans:  The maximum limit is 300 pounds.

Ques: What about the resistance levels of this treadmill? Is it hard or normal? 

Ans: You will have different levels of resistance in this exercise bike and also the resistance is magnetic. Moreover, there are the levels in which you will have the hard resistance and also there are levels too where you will experience low resistance.